Happy Birthday to me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaul pal :) Ily brah!

I did not see this.. Look how cute we are, come’on back for a visit!! 

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How many tickles does a squid have?



good job babes

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Jagga - Love Song 

Well.. My memoirs’ll never sell now

Oh how I remember the days when I had witty anecdotes to write about and think I was horrendously amusing .. those were the days.

Now I am nothing more than a cheap one liner-er. Oh depression, that’s where it’s at, the gold mind of endless morbid humour. My kinda funny. Damn that caved-in mine.

I’m going on a 15 hour flight in seven days time.. where I will face certain danger, then after a few recoup days I’ll carry on for another perilous stretch of odd hours by plane that no doubt will crash land in Manila and I will scavenge and claw my way around till I come by a boat that I will hijack and sail to Boracay.

Not really. I won’t hijack a soul but the rest, it’s all fact. I’m heroic like that.

Call me Sinbad.  

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